Our Hero Remembered

Irwin Gross
Irwin Gross
Fire Department
End of Service: May 3, 2004
Incident Detail:

Firefighter Gross and the members of his engine company were dispatched to a report of a gas odor in a structure on April 30th. Firefighter Gross was a rear-seat passenger on the left side of the engine. Firefighter Gross was seen by other firefighters in a seated position and was engaged in preparing a gas meter for use on the incident. A witness to the incident told police that Firefighter Gross was standing inside of the vehicle. As the engine made a right-hand turn from the fire station, Firefighter Gross was ejected from the vehicle. He sustained a fatal head injury as a result of the fall. Firefighter Gross was transported to the hospital. He died on May 3, 2004, as a result of his injuries.