How We Help

When a tragedy occurs, the Hundred Club is there to offer assistance and resources to its beneficiary families.

We also want to provide sense of security to current police and firefighter families in Massachusetts so they know that should a tragic event occur, the Hundred Club will be there. 

We extend benefits in both line-of-duty and active duty deaths.

Worcester Fire Department

Line-of-Duty Benefits

The Hundred Club of Mass., Inc. provides a wide range of benefits to the surviving spouse and/or children in a line-of-duty death of a firefighter or police officer. This assistance helps provide a sense of normalcy and access to activities and events, from summer camp and college scholarships to financial and legal advice. These benefits include:

Non Line-of-Duty Benefits

The Hundred Club is also unique in that it provides a one-time benefit to a surviving spouse and any minor child/children of a police officer or firefighter in an active duty (non-line-of-duty) death. These benefits are: