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This Thanksgiving holiday, The Hundred Club of Mass., Inc. would like to thank our members, generous community supporters, and board of directors who have made our organization’s success possible. Established in 1959 by Norman Knight and four other prominent citizens, we help families survive the life-shattering event of losing their loved one in the line of duty or or an active duty first responder who passes away.

Our mission, “We care for those who care for us,” lives on in our daily, monthly and yearly commitment to these families — some of whom have been with us nearly 50 years. It continues in our sincerest gratitude for the generosity of our board, including President of The Hundred Club, Peter H. Smyth, who recently recounted with veteran broadcaster Jordan Rich his own introduction to The Hundred Club by Mr. Knight.

As Mr. Smyth told Mr. Rich on his podcast, Mr. Knight invited him to lunch while he was still president and CEO of Greater Media Inc., and asked him to become involved with The Hundred Club.

By the end of the meal, Mr. Smyth was all in.

It’s a great organization, he explained to Mr. Rich, “We make sure the widows themselves are never left alone again, that they are not forgotten. That their loved one’s sacrifice had purpose, meaning, and we are there to help them for the rest of their natural lives.” Mr. Smyth went on to express a core tenet of The Hundred Club — Today’s police and firefighters operate in an exceptionally challenging world: it is our obligation to show our utmost respect.


Giving back to your home town heroes

In the checklist of thankfulness, we are exceptionally grateful for those who support The Hundred Club through donations and charitable planned giving.

Individuals such as Mr. Karl Clemmey, a member of the Hundred Club of Massachusetts since 1975 — 48 years! We featured Mr. Clemmey in our September newsletter. Read here how he expresses his respect for The Hundred Club, and for the police, in a unique and heartwarming way.

His positivity creates a lasting memory for all those who are introduced to our organization through him. He is among our many generous donors who understand sharing with us supports the very people who protect our families and neighborhoods.


An unexpected gift of thanks

Recently, we were stunned to learn of a $140,000 bequest from a Hundred Club supporter. Charles E. “Chuck” Campbell, 73, was a former state trooper and a member of The Hundred Club since 2000. The well-known Boston consultant passed away unexpectedly on March 3, 2021.

Like many of our supporters, Mr. Campbell understood first-hand the dangerous environment within which our police and firefighters work. He became a state trooper after serving in the Vietnam War. He went on to complete his studies, which included a master’s in counseling, and entered corporate HR. For the past 28 years, he owned and acted as principal of Argyle Consultants, an HR consulting and coaching firm. He is also known for establishing the Senior Human Resources Network (SHRN).

His generous gift keeps our promise strong: the dedication to supporting and caring for the families of those who care for us – a promise that we have kept for over 60 years.


The future for The Hundred Club

Our services to families may emerge and grow; our outreach to the police and firefighter communities may change with evolving needs, but our faithfulness will never waiver.

As we bow our heads this Thanksgiving, we will offer our thanks: For champions such as Chuck Campbell and Karl Clemmey; for a strong and committed Board of Directors; and for a robust community of benefactors whose courage remind us daily of why we are here.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

The Hundred Club


The Hundred Club — Serving the Community

At The Hundred Club of Mass., we care for those who care for us. When these everyday people-turned-heroes lose their lives in the line of duty, we are here for their families. We have helped beneficiary families since 1959. Our assistance encompasses college scholarships, financial and legal support, counseling, and enrichment programs. Help us help those who dedicate their lives to serving and protecting our communities. When a police officer or firefighter dies, in many cases, their paycheck and insurance stop before their death benefits begin, which is where the Hundred Club steps in to help. Your generosity provides immediate support to the families of these everyday heroes — funds they can rely upon to pay rent, groceries, and other bills. Help us continue the tradition of caring for those who care for us. Show your support today. 

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