Labor Day: The Force Behind the Holiday

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Enjoy Labor Day by Saying “Thanks” to the Force Behind the Holiday


What does it mean to be a City of Boston police officer or firefighter?

This Labor Day in Boston, as you’re heading out to enjoy the last days of summer, take a few minutes to think about and thank the force behind the holiday — those police officers and firefighters who keep us safe.

Throughout Boston, residents may picnic at outdoor events, or visit Fenway Park for a Red Sox game before the team heads to a Labor Day showdown against the Tampa Bay Rays

Or, ambitious Bostonians might jump a ferry to whale watch, or zip to Cape Cod for a final beach retreat before cooler temps remind us of the coming winter.

Unconsciously though, each of us will do what the ”worker’s holiday” intended — rest, relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Since about 1887, states have dedicated the first Monday of every September to the backbone of American prosperity — hardworking Americans whose efforts run our country day in and day out.

Our Labor Day’s rest is protected by a vigilant staff of officers.

Yet, there is another group of workers to celebrate, as well. Ones who do not take the holiday weekend off, or whose job may not be very jolly over the long weekend. Unfortunately, they may face down criminals intent on harming others, or put out fires started by negligent partiers.

And, chances are, they will work long hours. For every public event you attend this weekend, police officers, canine teams, and firefighting brigades will be on the alert, sweeping the areas prior to the events and keeping peace amid mingling throngs of partygoers.

In an era when police are in short supply across the nation, Boston’s finest are working overtime to keep the peace. Originally established in 1854, ours ranks as the oldest municipal police department in the United States.

Yet, in spite of the daily danger these individuals face, they still find the time to improve citizens’ lives. Just recently, when a ferry broke down on the way to a wedding, the Boston police boat patrol drove the groom and his party to the altar on Thompson Island, ensuring the young man made it to the big event — even the flower arrangements were rescued!

Recognizing the City of Boston’s new Police Commissioner Michael Cox

On this day of thanks, we also would like to congratulate Police Commissioner Michael Cox on his return to his hometown and new position as “top cop,” among a force of more than 2,144 officers.

As Labor Day unwinds, and the City of Boston prepares for the coming season, here’s a prayer, a thanks, and a word of gratitude from The Hundred Club to the thousands of men and women in the ranks of police and firefighters who will keep us safe this weekend, and in the future.

The Hundred Club — Serving the Community

At The Hundred Club of Mass., we care for those who care for us. When these everyday people-turned-heroes lose their lives in the line of duty, we are here for their families. We have helped beneficiary families since 1959. Our assistance encompasses college scholarships, financial and legal support, counseling, and enrichment programs. Help us help those who dedicate their lives to serving and protecting our communities.
When a police officer or firefighter dies, in many cases, their paycheck and insurance stop before their death benefits begin, which is where The Hundred Club steps in to help. Your generosity provides immediate support to the families of these everyday heroes; funds they can rely upon to pay rent, groceries, and other bills. Help us continue the tradition of caring for those who care for us. Donate to the Survivor’s Fund:

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