Line-of-Duty Benefits

The Hundred Club of Mass., Inc. provides a wide range of benefits to the surviving spouse and/or children in a line-of-duty death of a firefighter or police officer. These benefits include:

  • Initial $10,000 check to surviving spouse for immediate financial assistance.
  • One-time cash disbursement from the James B. Crockett Memorial Fund.
  • Financial assistance for colleges, universities, trade or vocational schools.
  • Financial assistance towards counseling for a surviving spouse and children.
  • Payment for personal enrichment programs/camp for minor children.
  • Social events, such as Pops Concerts, Red Sox Games and our annual Holiday Party.
  • Financial assistance for health and wellness programs.
  • Legal, accounting and financial assistance.
  • Special gifts sent throughout the year.
  • General benefits on an as-needed basis for individual beneficiary families.