Help Support The Families
of Our Heroes

The Hundred Club of Mass., Inc. was founded in 1959. For over 60 years, we have provided uninterrupted support to the families of fallen heroes.

We Care For Those Who Care For Us

At The Hundred Club of Mass., we care for those who care for us. When these everyday people-turned-heroes lose their lives in the line of duty, we are here for their families. In many cases, when a police officer or firefighter dies, their paycheck and insurance stop before their death benefits begin, which is where the Hundred Club steps in to help. Your generosity provides immediate support to the families of these everyday heroes; funds they can rely upon to pay rent, groceries, and other bills.

“When my father died in the line of duty, The Hundred Club just showed up. We didn’t expect them, we didn’t know them, but there they were. They can never replace not having a father, but they did things for us all the time so there was something to look forward to. I grew up with the Hundred Club, and after all these years they are still a part of our lives.”

How We Help

The Hundred Club steps in to provide a sense of normalcy and access to activities and events. From summer camp and college scholarships to financial and legal advice, the Hundred Club never leaves the family’s side.

Who We Care For

The Hundred Club provides assistance and support to the families of firefighters, police officers, MBTA transit police, and Massachusetts State Police across the Commonwealth. Some families have been a part of the Hundred Club for over 50 years.

Despite the pandemic, The Hundred Club was still able to connect with many of the wives of our fallen heroes during ongoing ZOOM meetings, while continuing our financial benefits. This summer, many of the families and friends joined on a whale watch to spend time with each other.

Help Us Never Forget The Sacrifice
These Heroes & Their Families Made

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