Support 57 for 100!

Liam McDermott is paddling 57 miles down the Charles River June 11 – 12th for The Hundred Club of Mass.

This will be Liam’s 2nd trip down the winding Charles in support of the 100 Club. This 57 mile trek takes 2 days and we are so grateful for the support of Liam. This year Liam will be joined by band members and friends!

  • Gerry Byrne – Maynard Fire (retired)
  • Tom Chandler – Civilian
  • Joe DeSisto – Everett Fire
  • Steve Sweet – Quincy Fire
  • Bob Valluzzi – Westwood Fire

How It All Began

Liam McDermott, a Dorchester native, was inspired by music from an early age going to the Hatch Shell for concerts and other venues.

In January of 2014 I was honored to become a civilian member of the Greater Boston Firefighters Pipes & Drums. Shortly after joining the band, my first entry into playing on the street were the funerals of Ed Walsh and Michael Kennedy. I can remember nearly everything of those two days in 2014.

The experience profoundly changed me and how I look at the first responder community.

Since 2014 as a member of the band, we have played at many events. We have played far too many funerals for LODD and ADDs. We have also had the wonderful opportunity to play for organizations like the 100 Club.

On the front of our bass drum, the names of band members that have passed are emblazoned to remember them.

On the back of our drum the words “Remember Who You Are Playing For” are at eye level to the drummer to remind them of our purpose.

Since we bought our home in Medway, I’ve wanted to drop in to the river and paddle all the way into the Esplanade. I assumed the journey would take roughly a day to complete, but in 2019 I embarked on my first 3 day kayak journey up the Charles to benefit the 100 Club. We were able to raise over $8,600

This year, I am again paddling the 57 miles to support the work of the 100 Club.

I plan on leaving my home on the morning of June 11th and traveling to Boston. I expect to make it to Boston in the afternoon on June 12th.

Help me do more for the community that is willing to sacrifice everything for us.