When a family loses a loved one in the
line of duty, they have us to lean on.

Every year, many firefighters and police officers lose their lives protecting our community. The families of these fallen heroes are often faced with financial hardship, not to mention the loss of a loved one and role model for their children. Fortunately, the 100 Club is here to help. Through proceeds from our membership dues, we provide much needed financial assistance, scholarships, vocational guidance, and even financial assistance towards summer camp for children.


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“I have many fond memories of the 100 Club throughout my childhood and now as an adult.  As we are in the midst of summer, I cannot forget the day trips to Salisbury Beach and the wonderful times at Shawsheen Amusement Park.  I remember the sights and sounds of those days with other children of the 100 Club.  Also, going to camp down in Plymouth, MA.  The 100 Club created many great experiences for me, my brothers and especially for my mother.”

- Note from a 100 Club Beneficiary

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